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MT4 Standard STP Account

The EuroCapitals Standard STP Account is the ideal trading account for traders ready to move into the live trading environment. With the EuroCapitals Standard STP Account you will gain direct access to institutional grade spreads and dark liquidity pools for increased liquidity. Our live Standard STP Account provides greater market depth, consistent pricing transparency, faster execution, low spreads and no commissions. Trades executed through the EuroCapitals Standard STP Account run via the Equinix Fibre Optic Network which delivers lightning fast execution on every trade.

No Commissions on a EuroCapitals Standard STP Account, just tight spreads

The EuroCapitals Standard STP Account boasts some of the tightest spreads across the Forex Trading industry.

We have carefully chosen the best liquidity providers with the deepest levels of liquidity in order to provide EuroCapitals clients with the lowest spreads across our true Standard STP Accounts.


Trade with no dealing desk on the EuroCapitals Standard STP Account

At EuroCapitals, we proudly provide traders with a transparent trading environment. The counter-party to your trades are always the biggest liquidity providers linked to the EuroCapitals Sirix MT4 Bridge.

It’s because of our commitment to transparency that traders of all levels choose EuroCapitals as their preferred forex trading broker.

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Liquidity Providers

Benefit from lightning fast execution through the Equinix Fibre Optic Network

All EuroCapitals Standard STP Account are linked to our cutting edge Equinix fibre optic network. This guarantees our traders the fastest execution speeds on each trade.

Whether you are swing trader, scalper or running an Expert Advisor, you will be amazed at the trade execution speed on all EuroCapitals Standard STP Accounts.

100 GB/S

Gain access to up to 100:1 on the EuroCapitals Standard STP Account

Experienced Forex Traders understand the importance of using leverage to their advantage. We have equipped all the EuroCapitals Standard STP Accounts with the ability to access leverage of up to 100:1. This allows traders to trade more size and manage their risk more efficiently.

Leverage is the final tool which in the right hands, allows smart traders to generate substantial returns on their forex trading accounts.

Leverage on EuroCapitals Standard STP Account

Exploit the powerful capabilities of the EuroCapitals MT4 Platform via our true Standard STP Account

By linking the EuroCapitals Standard STP Account to our MetaTrader 4 platform, you will be able to unlock the dynamic potential of your forex trading.

Our solution has been carefully tested and always delivers the best results for our forex traders. Join EuroCapitals and experience the difference that transparency offers.

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